Paseos Un Madrid de Cine: Almodóvar

Paseos Un Madrid de Cine: Almodóvar

Madrid has always been a great city to live in and to tell great stories in, and one of the directors with the best stories is undoubtedly Pedro Almodóvar, our most international filmmaker. Madrid, which named the director Adoptive Son of the city in 2018, could well be considered one of the famous “Almodóvar girls”, given that it has been the star of well-nigh all his films from Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom (Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón) (1980) to Parallel Mothers (Madres paralelas) (2021).

On this occasion, the Veranos de la Villa festival is proud to collaborate with the Madrid Film Office, the Madrid City Council’s audiovisual promotion office, to offer a tour that will help everyone taking part to discover the links between Almodóvar’s films and the city. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit places that have served as settings for his films, to relive some iconic scenes from his films and to learn about all sorts of anecdotes from his shoots. Visit Madrid through Almodóvar’s films!

A production of Madrid Film Office


Saturday 8,15, 22 and 29 July, 10:30am

Duration​: 120 minutos

Espacio Cultural Serrería Belga - Meet at the Serrería Belga Cultural Space

Precio Free admission. Tickets can be downloaded the Monday prior to the activity at 10am


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The physical accessibility of the route will be determined by the accessibility of the public road

Espacio Cultural Serrería Belga - Meet at the Serrería Belga Cultural Space

Calle Alameda , 15

Paisaje o vista de Espacio Cultural Serrería Belga

Distrito Centro


Metro: Estación del Arte (Atocha) (línea 1), Antón Martín (línea 1)

Bus: 26, 32, 6, 001, 10, 14, 27, 34, 37, 45, C03, E1

Cercanías: Atocha

BiciMAD:  67

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