dibuja el verano

Draw the Summer Project. Activity accompanied by drawers

Observation / Drawing

For the third consecutive year, the Dibuja el verano project walks hand in hand with the Veranos de la Villa Festival. In the two previous years, hundreds of people of all ages have attended this event with different drawers or illustrators to enjoy the art of observation and drawing together, taking advantage of the context and scenes that arise during the Festival’s activities. Artists, the public and the landscape become models. And the drawings become a graphic and plural chronicle of everything that happens. It’s really a very simple idea: we arrange an appointment with a guest artist (one hour before the start of an activity, somewhere near to the entrance, appropriately signposted). In this time before the activity gets under way, they can share techniques and secrets with us. Then, when the activity begins, everyone chooses their own place, perspective and point of view, and then they give free rein to their pencil, pen, or marker... Regardless of their technique and experience, all drawing fans are invited to share this act of drawing, the same but different.

Project curated by Enrique Flores
Guest Drawers: Raúl, LPO and Julia happymiaow
Sat. 29/06, 8.30pm: Las edades del flamenco (The Ages of Flamenco), with Raúl
Sun. 21/07, 7.30pm: Verbena animal (Animal Festival), con Raúl
Thurs 25/07, 8.30pm: Sodade, with LPO
Sun. 9/08, 8pm: Vivir en videoclip (Living in a videoclip). Tú, yo, 'nosotris' y un karaoke #1, with LPO
Wed. 28/08, 8pm: Pelea Villana #2 (Villainous Fight #2), with Julia happymiaow
Sun. 30/08, 8pm: Barbián: zarzuela-cabaré con Rodrigo Cuevas, with Julia happymiaow
* Each participant must bring their own drawing materials.
* Dibuja el verano meetings are marked with an Logo dibuja el verano  icon throughout the programme.
dibuja el verano

Draw the Summer Project. Activity accompanied by drawers