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Urban Accounts

Veranos de la Villa is also an invitation for travel, for following routes and for movement around the city, an invitation to discover places we may not be familiar with. Over the summer, in a parallel literary offshoot of the festival, journalist and poet Sergio C. Fanjul will do twenty-one walks, choosing one activity and place in each of the city's districts, after which he will write a chronicle that will be shared with everybody (in the form of printed circulars as well as on the Veranos de la Villa website). Under the pretext of arriving at the destination on foot, whether it's near or far from his starting point, he will pass –with his eyes and ears wide open– through places and situations which, despite their proximity, might go unnoticed in our everyday lives in the city.

Sergio C. Fanjul was born in Asturias and came to Madrid to study astrophysics in the early years of this century. Since then he has been wearing out the soles of his shoes around the city, writing about culture and science in several print media. He has also published four books of poetry, almost all of which won awards. The most recent award he received was the Paco Rabal Cultural Journalism Award.