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Reflection / Writing

The last few editions of Veranos de la Villa were the result of a number of questions and decisions, with the aim of responding to concerns regarding what a public cultural programme of this sort can and should be, from a contemporary perspective and in keeping with the city's socio-political and cultural reality. Even with clear guidelines and instincts, objectivity is often lost in the whirlwind of getting things done, and there isn’t enough time for careful reflection and evaluation of the implications, successes and mistakes, possibilities and potential lines of action for the future. To avoid wasting the benefit of this experience and the chance to reflect on the very activity of acting, this year we approached political scientist and analyst David Márquez Martín de la Leona, who will create a thoughtful report on Veranos de la Villa, considering its relationship with the artistic community, the civil fabric, institutions, available resources, audiences and citizens in general. His evaluation and writings, which will be shared via various media, will be the starting point for a broader discussion aimed at providing feedback on the festival’s guidelines themselves and the city's public cultural policies.