imagen cartel DRAW THE SUMMER

Observation and Drawing

Just like last year, this is an open invitation to all lovers of drawing (or those who want to try it for the first time) to take part in some of the activities scheduled for Veranos de la Villa by creating freehand drawings of them in real time. Each person, in their own style and based on their own experience and point of view, becomes a privileged observer and creator of impressions of what’s happening, and together we will create a plural and multisubjective graphic account. Participants who want to share their drawings can send them to be displayed in the virtual gallery that will be set up on the Veranos de la Villa website.

Each of the sessions (which generally begin one hour before the activity, at a meeting point that will be duly indicated in each space), will be guided and supported by Enrique Flores and another renowned artist from the world of drawing, comics or illustration.

Project curated by Enrique Flores


* Free activity. Each participant must bring their own drawing materials and mounts.


Tues-3 July, 9pm

Concert by Señor Coconut

Guest Artist: Julia happymiaow 

Thurs-12 July, 8.30pm
Concert by Ólafur Arnalds

Guest Artist: Julia happymiaow 

Sun-22 July, 8pm

Velada de Circo circus performance # 1

Guest Artist: Antonia Santolaya

Sun-29 July, 7pm
Block Party (BMX Mad Ride + Trap)

Guest Artist: Jacobo Pérez Enciso 

Sat-25 August, 9pm

Dancing in the Street

Guest Artist: Raúl


Fri-31 August, 8pm
Concert by Cuarteto Casals

Guest Artist: Raúl


Julia happymiaow has been drawing since she was capable of rational thought, and maybe even before. She studied Fine Arts in Valencia and Barcelona and has worked as an illustrator for various publishers and agencies since 2007.


Antonia Santolaya has a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. After graduating, she studied at the postgraduate level in London. She has spent most of her career working in the publishing world, a job she combines with exhibitions. In 2017 she won a grant to study at the Spanish Academy in Rome, and this year an exhibition of her work will be held in Madrid.



Raúl has spent three decades creating illustrations for various Spanish print media. He has also worked in the fields of animated drawing, graphic design, editorial illustration, comics and sculpture.